Google Tricks that Keep you on Track

Technology is ever changing. The fact of the matter is that it truly is getting better and it is proving that efficiency and visibility is excellent for every business. Google has made advances too. It is simple and there are some useful tricks that will keep any business and their employees right on track and up-to-date. This equation equals efficiency. You can then add some clear communication to the entire equation, everyone is on the same page, and this all adds up to a positive team environment. Here are just a few tricks to the Google technology trade that will get you started.

Google Drawings;
this is a fantastic app that has been added to the cloud-based tools from Google. You will have the opportunity to be highly creative. You can use this tool to create your very owncharts

  • diagrams
  • designs
  • charts
  • schematics

Shortcuts; there are nearly 50 shortcuts that will prove to be very time saving. These shortcuts only need to be enabled. They will save you much time for the following;

  • composing
  • deleting
  • reading
  • archiving e-mails that are in your inbox

SMS will allow you to add events to Google calendar; No worries if you forgot to plan a meeting. You now have a trick up your sleeve;
This can be done while you’re at the train station.

Go Google

Google has made everything less complicated. There are even apps for education. There are education tools that are specifically for the classroom setting. You may be interested in the entire Google learning center. The learning center can be used for school or work. Go Google for whatever you may need.